How Does A Touchless Kitchen Faucet Work

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Touchless kitchen faucets; simple, yet magical. Surprisingly, the internet doesn’t seem to give you an in-depth elucidation of their mechanism. Even the Wikipedia page is filled with history, uses, and advantages of the amenity. But, if you really wanna find out how a touchless kitchen faucet works, we have a very geeky piece for you … Read more

How to Install Touchless Kitchen Faucet in 2023 (A – Z Guide)

Faucets deal with water and they’re used for cleaning everything. It always happens that you’re turning your faucet on with your messy hands on it. It makes the faucet dirty. As a solution to this problem, manufacturers started making touchless faucets. These faucets work with the help of sensors and they use power sources like … Read more